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Sustainable Plant Magazine coverSustainable Plant is a twice-yearly print publication (Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer) dedicated to those plant and facility managers tasked with advancing the sustainability of manufacturing and industrial operations.  Our mission is to discover best practices, share industry success stories, and identify the freshest new ideas and most innovative solutions for mitigating the environmental impact of manufacturing operations on a global basis.

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Editor's Letter Keystone XL Pipeline: Join the Environmental-Industrial Complex
The U.S. State Department says Canadian tar sands oil will be exploited whether or not the United States goes forward with the Keystone XL pipeline – the pipeline just makes the process more efficient and potentially more beneficial to U.S. companies.

In the Field How Keeping an Eye on Energy Consumption Can Prevent Catastrophic Failures
There are many ways that good energy management mitigates risk, from reducing vulnerability to volatile costs and uncertain supplies to improving your company’s public image and promoting employee morale and loyalty.

Last Call Preserve or Replace: How Buffalo, New York Is Deciding to Honor Its Industrial Past
Drive along I-190 through downtown Buffalo, New York and there is a good chance you'll smell the sweet, baked aroma of Cheerios - General Mills is one of only a few remaining food manufacturers within Buffalo. The surrounding towering, long-abandoned grain silos have raised a controversial issue: What do we do with the facilities that industry leaves behind?


Recognize the Risk in Your Supply Chain
Tsunamis in Japan and Thailand shuttered factories and hurt profits in automotive and electronics companies half way around the world; protesters dressed as Ken and Barbie stalked Mattel’s headquarters, saying the company’s toy packaging was promoting the destruction of rainforests; accusations flew online that Apple was funding rape in Eastern Congo by sourcing components containing minerals from mines controlled by warlords. These are just a few examples of how unsustainable supply chain practices can create unacceptable risks for companies.

Connect Productivity, Quality, Risk and Safety to Gain a Sustainable Advantage
The widespread belief that productivity is the sole key to gaining a competitive advantage in today’s global marketplace is oversimplified. Forward-thinking manufacturers recognize that driving profitability and a sustainable competitive edge requires a broader, more strategic approach to managing the relationship between Productivity, Quality, Risk and Safety (PQRS).


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