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Energy Storage North America
September 10-12, 2013
First energy storage conference and expo in the U.S. to focus exclusively on applications, customers and deal making.  With its expertise in trade fairs and clean energy consulting, Messe Düsseldorf North America and Strategen Consulting will provide a first-class networking event to drive energy storage market expansion in profitable applications – highlighting the synergies, inter-relationships and new business opportunities for transmission, distribution, customer-sited, microgrids/campuses and mobility (electric vehicle charging) applications.

New LCA Methodology Enables Comparability Between Environmental Product Declarations Under Draft LEO-SCS-002 Standard - Part 1
September 18, 2013

Part 1 provides an overview of why LCIA methods need to be improved and then summarizes the key features of the new draft standard that address these issues.  It will then focus on the LEO-SCS-002 approach for the characterization of land use ecosystem impact group, net resource depletion and climate impacts associated with both materials on a site-specific basis.  Examples from wood resource extraction and iron ore mining will illustrate how the methodology can characterize the key drivers for variability in these impact categories for wood and steel construction products.

Plant Production Excellence 2013 : Cost Efficiency & Yield Management
September 18-19, 2013
Instrumentation professionals are under increasing pressure to improve productivity and reduce total maintenance spending. Harnessing industrial automation systems is the only way to create business value.  Condition-Based Maintenance optimises maintenance costs as the automated diagnostic system will continuously monitor and assess the condition of rotating machinery and recommends user actions. Importance of this prognostics & health management of rotating equipment is inevitable in order to efficiently utilise the available maintenance resources.

Chemical Processing Webinar: Environmental Compliance/Pollution Control
September 19, 2013

Regulatory mandates require plants to limit the environmental pollutants they release, with failure to comply often leading to substantial penalties. This panel discussion will look at effective ways to control pollution and stay ahead of current regulations.

2013 ACEEE National Conference on Energy Efficiency as a Resource
September 22-24, 2013

The ACEEE National Conference on Energy Efficiency as a Resource is specifically designed to focus on the issues related to utility-sector energy efficiency policies and programs. We will be bringing together industry leaders once again to discuss the latest developments in the use of energy efficiency as a key resource for meeting customer and utility system needs and for addressing other critical economic and environmental objectives. This conference will highlight important advances being made in the design and delivery of customer energy efficiency programs, and in the regulatory mechanisms that help make them possible. We will address the many issues facing utilities as they acquire and integrate this resource into their planning and operations.

New LCA Methodology Enables Comparability Between Environmental Product Declarations Under Draft LEO-SCS-002 Standard - Part 2
September 18, 2013

Part 2 addresses the characterization of all core impact categories and category indicators associated with both wood and steel construction products, then discusses how results can help clarify the advantages and trade-offs between the lifecycle impact profiles of competing wood and steel materials and products. This webinar will present examples of variability of category indicator results for both steel and wood products that are dependent upon the region, specific processes and  country of origin.


Stewardship Action Council Annual Meeting
October 1, 2013

The Stewardship Action Council is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving social and environmental performance. Our members include representatives from the academic, state government, non-governmental, investment and industrial and services sectors. This years meeting will be held at the Convention Center in Chicago, in concert with our Alliance Member and Partner, The Campbell Institute of the National Safety Council.

86th Annual Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference
October 5-7, 2013
WEFTEC, the Water Environment Federation’s Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference, is the largest conference of its kind in North America and offers water quality professionals from around the world with the best water quality education and training available today. Also recognized as the largest annual water quality exhibition in the world, the expansive show floor provides access to the most cutting-edge technologies in the field; serves as a forum for domestic and international business opportunities; and promotes invaluable peer-to-peer networking between its more than 17,000 attendees.

Offshore Wind Economics & Finance: Europe 2013
October 16-17, 2013
ACI’s 2nd Offshore Wind Economics & Finance: Europe will take place on 16-17 October 2013 in London, UK. Bringing together 50-80 of the industry’s leading experts and executives from across the entire value chain (banks, international financing institutions, VC/PE companies, offshore wind farm owners/operators, utility companies, offshore wind farm  developers, wind technology suppliers and R&D, government and regulators, lawyers and insurance firms) for two days of interactive discussion, excellent networking opportunities and the very latest updates from project investment activity around Europe, ACI’s 2nd Offshore Wind Economics & Finance: Europe will present you with the knowledge, experience & contacts you need to drive your business forward.

Ethical Corporation Conference
October 21-22, 2013
Ethical Corporation provides business intelligence for sustainability to more than 3,000 multinational companies every year. We publish the leading responsible business magazine, website, and research reports. Our conferences are widely recognized as the best in the field of corporate responsibility and sustainability.

James Beard Foundation Food Conference: The Paradox of Appetite: Hungering for Change
October 21-22, 2013
As America’s fascination with food grows, the issues that surround our food system have taken on tremendous national importance. Recognizing our unique role in celebrating, nurturing, and honoring America’s diverse culinary heritage through programs that educate and inspire, the James Beard Foundation has inaugurated the annual James Beard Foundation Food Conference.  With hunger at its root, appetite has been the driving force for human culture, especially when it comes to food. Appetite fuels ambition. Appetite drives our economy. Appetite is life. But our appetites have their consequences, especially when unchecked. Hunger and obesity, consumption and conservation, ambition and suppression, control and freedom—these are a few of the paradoxes of appetite that present challenges to our modern society. This year we will use appetite as a tool to help us understand how to arrive at a more healthful, sustainable future.

2013 EHS Management Forum
October 23-25, 2013
Hosted by NAEM, the largest professional association for corporate environment, health and safety (EHS) and sustainability leaders, the  EHS Management Forum provides quality educational sessions, innovative presentations and keynotes from sustainability thought leaders and EHS experts. Each year more than 500 EHS leaders attend to share best practices and network with their peers. This year's program will include 24 interactive sessions and four keynote presentations to choose from.  The Forum is your opportunity to learn about best practices from the corporate EHS and sustainability leaders who are driving change in their companies every day.



NEMA's 87th Annual Meeting/Illuminations Weekend: Where Leaders and Ideas Meet-2013
November 8-9, 2013

NEMA's premier event exclusively for CEOs and senior level executives of electrical equipment and medical imaging manufacturers.