Sustainability in Pictures

Does your facility have a green roof? Are there solar panels installed over your parking garage? Do your employees block and tackle waste with the best of them? If so, then we want to see a picture of it.

Sustainable Plant is compiling a gallery of photographs, charts and infographics that convey the value of making industrial activities and facilities more sustainable. Show us how you plant is conserving water, raising energy efficiency, saving the environment, or improving the lives of people in the plant, the community or around the world.

Make your efforts known and inspire others by sending us your photos or graphics with a few words describing who, where and what they’re about. We’ll post them to the gallery, make them famous and then publish a selection of your favorites in each of our print editions. We’ll also be posting some of these to our Facebook page as well, spreading your inspiration even farther.

Click through the slideshow below to see some of our submissions to date, and then send us the highest resolution versions you can to with the subject line 'Sustainability in Pictures' and a short explanation. You’ve worked hard to make your plant better, allow us to show it off for you.

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