A 6-Step Process to Getting the Most from Lighting Retrofits

Lighting accounts for about 20 percent of all commercial electricity consumption. A single building can have thousands of light fixtures, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars a year to operate. If you're considering a complete lighting retrofit for your business, these six steps will help you generate larger savings (each step is linked to a more detailed explanation):

  1. Replace Existing Lighting Fixtures The starting point for every lighting upgrade is replacing your old incandescent or metal halide lights with newer fluorescent or LED fixtures. However, if you stop there, you’ll be missing out on the potential for even bigger energy savings.
  2. New Lighting Design, Layout & Specification Often, your old lighting layout isn’t ideal for new energy-efficient lighting technology. A lighting retrofit is the perfect time to consider adjusting your layout to improve your overall lighting quality and energy efficiency.
  3. Lighting Control Automation Have you ever forgotten to turn the lights off when you left the area? This simple and common mistake ends up costing businesses billions every year. Because you're redesigning your facilities, you can easily integrate a new smart lighting control system to turn lights on when somebody enters the area and turns them off when everyone leaves.
  4. Outdoor Lighting Retrofits Outdoor lighting is often overlooked, but it's important for a number of reasons. Adequate lighting is necessary to create a safe working environment, but it can also showcase signs, landscaping, and other outdoor fixtures. Newer outdoor light fixtures typically last longer, which can save your business significant money in maintenance costs.
  5. Specialty Lighting Fixtures Offices, hallways, reception areas, and storage rooms often dominate lighting design. However, stairwells, cold storage rooms, wet rooms, and loading docks require specialized light fixtures. Specialty lights are designed to improve safety, and rugged designs allow them to continue running with little to no maintenance.
  6. Energy Retrofit Rebates and Incentives A lighting retrofit can be a hard sell in a struggling economy, but it won't be as expensive as you think. Although the initial price tag might be high, many state governments and utility companies provide financial rebates for companies to upgrade their facilities with energy efficient light fixtures. While rebates will vary from state to state, you should be able to save at least 10 percent off of the cost of a lighting retrofit. However, the biggest cost savings will come over time as you dramatically cut energy costs through increased efficiency.

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