Sustainable Plant Insights: See Sustainability in Real Time


It’s common knowledge that properly maintained and functioning equipment uses less energy, and that a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) helps achieve that goal. But the right CMMS can also reveal a facility’s energy, resource and dollar flows – in real time – to help sustainability managers reduce energy, water and waste.

“Every facility has a different situation – different assets and equipment, different spending on materials, energy, waste,” says Paul Lachance, president and CTO of CMMS provider Smartware Group, Inc. “For example, in any facility, heating and cooling are energy hogs, but there are usually others. When you have a good tracking mechanism, you can see where your dollar hogs are and analyze the reasons. Whatever the reasons, you can be more efficient.

“When you reduce energy, water and waste, you also reduce maintenance and materials. When your air handlers, chillers and boilers are more efficient, they run less and last longer. And you get a more pleasant environment.”

For this Special Report, Sustainable Plant spoke with Lachance to learn more about how CMMS and its effect on the visibility of operations can support sustainability.

You’ll also see how a CMMS supports LEED certification through the eyes of Chief Engineer Tom Barnes. His twist on preventive maintenance (PM) calls for more than 600 timely, efficient PMs per month on chillers and air handlers, ensuring sustainability sticks around at the Colorado Convention Center.

Download the Special Report: See Sustainability in Real Time

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