How Tesla Motors & Veritable Vegetable Benefit from Reusable Packaging [Video]

Switching to reusable packaging can be done for many reasons. Some companies want to save money, while others wanted to reduce the amount of valuable floor space packaging takes up. For Tesla Motors and Veritable Vegetable it was all of the above and then some. At full production Tesla full production capacity was having a majority of the parts for the cars delieved in expendabale packaging. All of that packaging amounted to 317 tons of old corrugated cardboard each month that had to be processed, stored and dispossed of. At Veritable Vegetable, plastic wrap and wooden pallets were the companies biggest packaging wastes. Each day employees were wrapping pallets almost non-stop, a process that took its toll on their backs and knees. The company was also spending $40,000 a year on materials that they were immediately disposing of. Watch the video below by Reusable Transport Packaging to see how both of these companies turned to reusable packaging products to fix their wasteful problem.

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