Why Solid Financials Aren’t Always Enough to Sell Energy Projects


Financing couldn’t be cheaper, government and utility incentives are high, and technologies are readily available to make money by saving significant amounts of energy. But even when clearly presented with an attractive project, some folks won’t bite. In his recent blog post, “Need ‘Guaranteed Energy Savings?’ You Just Don’t Trust Me,” Jon Guerster writes:
“Over the last year, we’ve participated in an increasing number of interviews, conferences and panels discussing the energy-efficiency finance market, including commercial PACE and on-bill repayment programs.  Awareness is high, with many policy, government and utility executives generally convinced that if low-cost capital were more readily available, energy-efficiency adoption across residential, institutional, government and commercial/industrial markets would surge.

“So limited access to low-cost capital is the market impediment. Or is it?”

Read the full post at Groom Energy's blog.

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