Infographic - The Reality of Climate Change


Thanks to extensive research and noticeable changes in weather and storm prevalence, it’s getting harder to turn a blind eye to climate change. While the reality of global warming is still under heated debate, the extreme weather of the last decade is at the very least a telling sign. Super storms like Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy and unseasonable warm fall and winters in the northern U.S are just some of the latest climate.

Evidence also indicates that the face of the Earth is changing because of warming trends. The ice caps of the Arctic are noticeably shrinking, the ice cap of Mt. Kilimanjaro alone has shrunk by 85% in the last hundred years, and the sea levels are rising at the rate of about 3 millimeters per year because of all the melting ice.

The people over at seem to think all of this is more than just a series of random coincidences and they have taken all of their research and data and turned it into one impressive infographic. Take a look at it below and let us know in the comments section whether you think they’re on to something or not.


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