Holmes Energy Partners to Revolutionize Industrial Energy Management

Originally founded in 1979, Holmes Energy LLC has become Holmes Energy Partners LLC. Holmes Energy has installed an energy monitoring system in every project for more than 33 years as the fundamental tool for improving energy efficiency and reducing energy costs. Energy monitoring data is used to produce significant savings with existing equipment in existing facilities through management changes alone.

“It is clear to us that technology is only a tool; people are the key to success,” said Bill Holmes, P.E. and principal of the new partnership. “Effective energy management is not just a checklist of new lights, setback timers and economizers. It’s not a one-time project but an ongoing process that combines good science and management with the information you can only get from a well-designed, properly implemented energy monitoring system.”

The new company was formed to offer comprehensive energy management services to industrial plants and other large facilities with complex energy systems throughout the United States and to U.S.-based companies with facilities around the world.

Holmes Energy Partners work in teams consisting of at least one registered professional engineer and/or certified energy manager with a minimum of 20 years of field and project experience, plus one partner who is a young and highly qualified engineer in the early stages of her or his career. The Energy Partner Team approach results in mentoring and continuous energy education both for clients and in-house professionals. It combines and utilizes the best and latest technologies with practical and proven solutions for the benefit of clients.

A Holmes Energy Partners relationship starts with a site visit and design of an effective energy monitoring system. Holmes energy professionals train the client’s employees to use the resulting information, then assist them as necessary to produce and maintain savings. The Holmes team works closely with clients on an ongoing basis and provides all of the energy information, analysis and support the client needs.

When a client is considering an investment in a capital project as part of an expansion or to further reduce energy costs, Holmes Energy will assist in the evaluation using actual monitored energy data to accurately size equipment and predict energy consumption and savings. Actual data will be used to verify the resulting performance, savings and ROI.

“The existing energy conservation profession makes money from selling products or services, from capital improvements, audits and studies – not from saving energy,” Holmes said. “We help our clients produce energy savings as quickly as possible with the lowest first cost and fastest return on the initial investment through good management alone. Our experience has been that our clients recover their initial investment within six to nine months and then continue to significantly reduce energy consumption over time.”

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