AC Line Regenerative Systems Save Energy, Time and Money

AC Line Regenerative Systems

Magnetek’s new AC Line Regenerative Systems

Magnetek’s new high-performance AC Line Regenerative Systems take surplus regenerative energy from the motor and return it to the AC power source, reducing total energy consumption and improving energy efficiency by 40% to 45%. They eliminate the need for dynamic braking resistors, and are especially suitable for high-duty-cycle crane applications.

“AC Line regeneration products capture the regenerative energy which would normally be dissipated by resistors and puts that energy back on the grid. This regeneration reduces a company’s total energy usage and improves overall facility efficiency by eliminating energy waste. Heat that was previously produced by dumping excess power into resistor banks is also eliminated,” said Aaron Kureck, Magnetek product & development director. “By improving the operating efficiency of their overhead cranes with these systems, some users with high-duty-cycle applications may recoup the cost of the regenerative drive in the first year.”

Two unit types are available to fit a variety of application needs. IMPULSE•R units are available with ratings from 5–100 HP, while the IMPULSE•D+ HHP modular, regenerative inverter platform is suitable for applications beyond 200 HP. They can be combined with Magnetek’s IMPULSE•G+ or VG+ Series 4 adjustable-frequency drives or retrofitted to the company’s IMPULSE•G+ or VG+ Series 3 drives and sized to fit the expected regenerative need.  

Magnetek is North America’s largest supplier of digital drive systems for industrial cranes, hoists and monorails. The company provides drives, radio remote controls, motors, and braking and collision avoidance subsystems to North America’s foremost overhead material handling crane builders. It also specializes in motion control systems for high-rise, high-speed elevators and is a leading independent supplier of digital motion control systems for underground coal mining applications.

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