Mannington to Move ‘Made in China’ Flooring to USA

I’m not one to spend a lot of time going through the e-mail that our server has tagged and withheld as spam – it’s usually more than enough to properly deal with what comes through that sieve – but on New Year’s Day, I found myself digging around in the trash, looking for a lost message. I didn’t find exactly what I was seeking, but I did discover my best gift of the holiday season, and I’d like to share it with you:


I just read your article, “Who Will Save American Manufacturing?” I am glad that you are impressed with the look and quality of our Mannington Adura tile, and think you will be pleased to hear that we are actively developing the capability to produce it in the USA.

Mannington is the world’s largest producer of luxury vinyl tile, which is the fastest growing segment of the flooring market. We have invested significant capital and resources to enable us to produce this product domestically. I hope you will take two and a half minutes to watch this short video to better understand Mannington’s commitment to doing exactly the things you encourage in your article.

For Mannington, sourcing this product from China was the quickest way to enter the market; however, it is not a long-term manufacturing strategy. We followed up with the acquisition of a large foreign competitor and plan to bring the manufacturing to the United States - along with the sourcing of the materials. We will soon be able to produce this product at a lower cost, with quicker turn-around, improved quality, and with recycled content. Doing all of that while bringing jobs to the United States is something we are all very excited about and proud of.

Your article was spot-on, but it hurt to see my company used as the example when we are, in fact, the role model for what you propose. Perhaps you would be interested in doing a follow-up article on what Mannington is doing?
Enjoy your Holiday Weekend,

Keith Hollingshead
Site Engineering and Maintenance Manager
Mannington Mills, Inc.
Salem, New Jersey

I replied to Keith that I would be pleased to do a follow-up article on Mannington’s approach and efforts towards sustainable manufacturing, especially in the USA. And I’ll take this opportunity to extend that invitation to others whose companies are putting a priority on sustainability. It’s easy to get started, just send me an e-mail. If I don’t reply in a day or two, don’t hesitate to call (630-625-1130) – it might be stuck in the “trash.”

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