What You Need to Know about the FTC’s Green Guide Revisions

Sixty-nine percent of adult consumers in the United States say they factor in sustainability when making purchasing decisions, and this number is growing, so when the Federal Trade Commission this fall issued its first revisions since 1998 to the Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims (“Green Guides”), businesses paid attention.
Now Ernst & Young’s new report, “The 3 S’s of Environmental Marketing,” provides a comprehensive overview of what businesses, marketers and advertisers need to know about the Green Guide revisions. The report explains the meaning and importance that environmental claims be specific, straightforward and substantiated, and describes the steps of a process intended to mitigate the risks in making environmental claims:

  1. Inventory environmental claims.
  2. Conduct an environmental footprint analysis.
  3. Identify the compliance framework.
  4. Conduct an environmental claims assessment.
  5. Assess substantiation and the entire process

Access the full Ernst & Young report, “The 3 S’s of Environmental Marketing.

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