How to Talk about Energy Efficiency with a Technical Specialist

This is the first of four columns about educating people at your company on the importance of energy. This column focuses on your technical specialist.

Technical specialists concentrate on the health of your process. Your specialist can be a process engineer, corporate technology person or inside or outside consultant. This person has received extra training on the technology, whether on-the-job or through additional classes and seminars, and therefore can advise how the unit should perform. Because of this status, your technical specialist should also understand how the process uses energy and be aware of energy consumption and conservation when giving advice.

Training your specialist requires that you also understand how energy is used in the process. This will help when you talk to the specialist. However, you don't need to know all the nitty-gritty details.

Send a note to your expert and explain that you would like to talk about energy efficiency. Set an agenda to cover these parts of the specialist’s process:

  • Feed preparation
  • Reaction/process
  • Feed effluent and products
  • Utility and equipment efficiency.

For a summary of discussion points about energy efficiency for each part, read the full article on

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