DOE Releases CALiPER Application Summary Report on LED PAR38 Lamps

LED PAR38 Lamps

Photographs of the CALiPER Series 20 LED PAR38 lamps.

The U.S. Department of Energy has completed Series 20 of testing through the DOE Solid-State Lighting CALiPER program, and a summary of the results is now available for download on the DOE SSL website.

Report 20 evaluates the independently tested photometric performance of 38 LED PAR38 lamps, with results showing significant improvement versus earlier CALiPER testing of similar products. All of the LED PAR38 lamps tested offer substantial energy savings compared to halogen PAR38 lamps, and some are more efficacious than compact fluorescent or ceramic metal halide versions. Further, LED products that cover the full range of conventional PAR38 beam angles and that have appropriate color quality, lumen output and center beam intensity are available. Lower prices and continued expansion of the options available within specific product families would be beneficial, however, and LED lamps with higher lumen output may be necessary for specialty applications.

Beginning in 2012, each CALiPER summary report focuses on a single product type or application. Products are selected with the intent of capturing the current state of the market – a cross-section ranging from expected low- to high-performing products – with the bulk characterizing the average of the range. DOE allows detailed test results from CALiPER testing to be distributed in the public interest for noncommercial, educational purposes only. Detailed test results for Series 20 will be available soon through the searchable online CALiPER system [].

Access the U.S. Department of Energy’s “CALiPER Application Summary Report 20: LED PAR38 Lamps.

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