Energy Monitoring and Control System Takes On All Types

Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s EnergyPAQ energy monitoring and control solution is a self-contained energy monitoring unit that provides easy-to-read visual data identifying how much and where energy is being used by various building loads and processes. It monitors and collects usage data from “all types” of energy including electricity, water, gas, compressed air and steam. After determining problem areas within a facility, EnergyPAQ allows users to implement a viable energy savings plan to reduce consumption and demand through a dynamic demand control/response solution.

“Most industrial companies lack the monitoring capabilities to develop an effective energy savings strategy. EnergyPAQ is a pre-configured, out-of-the box solution, eliminating the need for costly customized or in-house energy monitoring activities that strain engineering resources,” said Ghulam Khan, senior automation solutions engineer, Mitsubishi Electric Automation. “With EnergyPAQ, plant and facility managers can immediately begin monitoring a facility’s energy consumption.”

The company says the key features are:

  • Pre-wired for easy implementation
  • Complete out-of-the box solution
  • Demand response capable
  • Multiple data logging options
  • Wireless options
  • Web-based dashboard
  • Monitors all energy types
  • Cogeneration management

Potential benefits include:

  • Identifies energy conservation opportunities
  • Identifies peak demand information
  • Helps meet energy compliance standards
  • Enables energy cost forecasting? Contributes to a sustainable future

EnergyPAQ is pre-wired for easy implementation. Users simply connect voltage and current transformers to the circuits they want to monitor. It can be connected and wired to any equipment or machinery that uses single or three-phase power. The all-in-one energy monitoring solution offers the ability to log data locally or to a remote database. Standard web-based visualization dashboards are also available. In addition to the display screen, EnergyPAQ includes pre-loaded tracking software, allowing storage of key energy information.

EnergyPAQ uses Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s Q Series rack PLC system as the basis for the energy monitoring modules. This system expands the basic platform, including the ability to connect to an Ethernet communications network. It also tracks data for up to five independent circuits, which are hard wired from current transformers that are clipped to the power cables.

Multiple additional circuits can also be connected to EnergyPAQ using a wireless mesh network. Critical data such as amps, volts, kW, kWh and power factor can be monitored and stored in non-volatile memory. This information can then be retrieved and imported into a spreadsheet or dedicated energy monitoring software, such as AX Energy.

More information about EnergyPAQ energy monitoring and control.

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