Don’t Blame Environmental and Safety Regulations for a Sluggish Economy

Unless you've been on a remote tropical island in the South Pacific, you've heard that regulations are why jobs are moving out of over-regulated states and even fleeing America. That's bunk, I say, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology agrees with me that there's no correlation between jobs and the toughness of environmental regulation.

What about safety mandates? Complying with safety regulations, though a pain, has in fact led to fewer deaths from cancer and accidents, less friction between communities and chemical plants, and lower insurance premiums. When I worked at Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), I was surprised to find the firm had cut its insurance premiums to a third in 10 years. In Decatur, Illinois, where the company is headquartered, ADM had been known as "Another Dead Man." At one time, the firm averaged one death per year! Now, safety training is a point of pride inside the doors of the company….

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