How to Compare Air Compressor Energy Efficiencies


It’s probably been years since you’ve even thought about buying a new air compressor, but now your old unit is broken, the boss is howling, and you need to make a decision. But there are so many choices. How do you decide the best one?

Too often, the purchasing decision comes down to price. The difference between various compressor brands and models may be only a few hundred dollars, making the cheapest machine the obvious choice to the purchasing department. But what about operating costs?

When making decisions about energy efficiency, we need some accurate information to plug into power cost formulas. In past years, there has been a jumble of information based on a variety of test conditions. Fortunately, there is now a wealth of information about compressor and air dryer energy consumption available within data sheets published by the Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI). These data sheets, with additional resources from Compressed Air Challenge, can make a real difference in helping you choose. Here’s how to use them.

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