Green Roof Monitoring System Designed to Be Fast, Easy and Sophisticated

HOBO Green Roof Monitoring System

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Onset’s new HOBO Green Roof Monitoring System is a research-grade system for measuring the performance of green roofs. Providing reliable performance in harsh rooftop conditions, the 15-channel system enables users to quickly and easily monitor green roof conditions, measure stormwater runoff, improve irrigation scheduling, and maintain healthy rooftop vegetation.

Key advantages:

  • 24/7 web-based access to data.
  • All the common green roof measurements: temperature, relative humidity, wind, soil moisture, light intensity and rainfall.
  • Plug-and-play sensors that enable fast, easy deployment.
  • Customizable data display for kiosks.
  • Trend logging, monitoring and alarm notifications.

The system includes a HOBO U30 GSM-cellular data logger with one-year service plan, Smart Sensors for measuring rainfall, soil moisture, soil temperature, solar radiation, air temperature/relative humidity, and wind speed and direction, as well as mounting brackets and a 6 W solar panel. Optional mounting masts, tripods, graphing and analysis software, and additional sensors also are available.

To learn more about green roof monitoring and the HOBO Green Roof Monitoring System.

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