Disaster Preparedness Made “Easy”

As part of an educational program on emergency preparedness at the 2011 Grainger Show the American Red Cross announced plans to expand its Ready Rating program for businesses and schools throughout the United States.

The Red Cross cites studies showing that 15 percent to 40 percent of businesses fail following a natural or manmade disaster, but only two in 10 Americans feel prepared for a catastrophic event, and close to 60 percent of Americans are wholly unprepared for a disaster of any kind. Some 54 percent don't prepare because they believe a disaster will not affect them, and only 1 in 10 American households has taken the appropriate preparedness steps: a family emergency plan, an emergency supply kit and training in First Aid and CPR/AED.

However, 82 percent of Americans agree with the statement, “If someone could make it easy for me to be prepared, I’d do it.”

The Red Cross Ready Rating program is a free, self-guided program designed to help businesses and schools be better prepared, which it says will make it easier for individuals to improve their readiness.

The program is built on five cornerstone preparedness actions:

  1. Commit to preparedness
  2. Conduct a Hazard Vulnerability Assessment
  3. Develop an emergency response plan.
  4. Implement your emergency response plan.
  5. Help your community get prepared

Members of the program receive the following benefits:

  • Access to the online Ready Rating Assessment Center and the 123 Assessment, which can help you to evaluate your business, organization or school's level of preparedness
  • Access to an information-rich Ready Rating Program Guide developed by American Red Cross preparedness experts
  • Access to the American Red Cross Ready Rating member seal that can be used to publicly display your commitment to preparedness to your constituents
  • Optional public recognition of your commitment to preparedness by choosing to be listed beside other like-minded organizations on this website in the Current Member Listing
  • Customized feedback and recommendations for improvement based on your assessment scores

Membership in the Ready Rating program is simple:

  1. Join the Ready Rating Program: Review the terms and conditions of membership and create an online profile.
  2. Take the 123 Assessment: The comprehensive assessment helps you understand and prioritize your needs, and is used to measure improvement at the end of the year.
  3. Take action to improve your level of preparedness: Use the detailed program guide and best practice tips available to members.
  4. Update your profile: Your membership is automatically renewed at the end of each calendar year if your score has improved.
  5. Continue the cycle of assessing and planning

More information on the American Red Cross Ready Rating program

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