Nation’s Largest Brewery Goes Landfill-Free

The credit for success goes to a manager’s own passion for waste management, the existing passion of the brewery employees for sustainability, and the way they worked together to synergize those passions in a methodical – and rewarding – waste elimination program. Read More >>

Infographic: The Dangers of Industrial Dust

Dust Collection

The dangers of dust often remain unseen like the small particles themselves. Not only are health hazards associated with dust but also quality control issues. Many of these uncollected dust particles are explosive and can create a safety hazard. In fact, there have been 350 explosions from dust since 1980. Read More >>

Compressed Air Systems: Friends or Foes of Sustainability?


Many sustainability advocates see the low energy conversion efficiencies of compressed air systems as inherently wasteful. We recently asked Frank Mueller, president, Kaeser Compressors, to tell us how concerns about efficiency and sustainability have influenced his company’s priorities. Read More >>

Energy Professionals Talk Back


As a veteran in the field, I have been fortunate and thrilled to get feedback from around the world on a regular basis from experienced energy professionals. I have also gotten some from some younger, less experienced people who want to challenge some of the things I have written. Read More >>

Building a Sustainable Supply Chain: Keys to Creating an Ethical Process

Manufacturers often struggle to improve sustainability of supply chains and communicate the results due to the size and complexity of their supplier networks. Here are steps you and your organization can take to overcome those obstacles and build a sustainable supply chain. Read More >>